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Who are we?

GrabDeals is created from users to users. We simply provide fast and easy way to find the best local deals and products with discounts you can buy online. You can find restaurants, spas, travel offers, online courses and products whenever in South Africa. To complete the picture, you will find the most exciting things to do at the best price!

Why GrabDeals?

Our philosophy is pretty simple: we keep everything transparent, the most important thing to us is to provide 10 Star User Experience. We only show offers we are ready to buy for us and for our families. The positive feedback is really important to us, you can review every product and activity, so we can keep providing the best deals on the web.

We make friends

The great value for us is to stay in touch with our users. We believe that the communication is the only way to successfully provide the best user experience.
Email us at info@grabdeals.co.za