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      Get a gift voucher at affordable price

      Do you want something really exciting, interesting and unforgettable to happen to you? Or maybe want to give an impressive gift? We’ve collected the best ideas for you - from paint lessons to adrenaline vouchers, it’s easy with our enjoyable offers.

      The art of dance and painting

      It is always exciting to develop a new skill. Establish you artistic nature and get your creativity on a higher level. Find musical, dancing and painting lessons at the lowest cost. Dance lessons are appropriate for children as well youths and adults. Еach style has a specific culture and art nature. The dance as a definite skill aim to develop the aesthetic active culture and navigate certain person to a team player. We are trying to provide opportunities for varied dance styles as latin, street, salsa at really good price. Painting is literally a meditation technique, act of recreation and transforming the mind. We are giving our best to contribute to all artistic, cultural, social and professional development of South Africa. We want to keep the best educational service, that is why we rely very much on our partners and high experienced teachers.

      Spend some fun time outdoor

      If you have no plans for the next weekend or next vacation? Just go and visit a zoo or an aquarium. Watching a dolphin show or feeding a monkey is a perfect Saturday activity for both sides kids and parents. Want to experience something more exciting - get a theme park pass. Luckily, there's good news for families on a budget. At GrabDeals you can find offers from the greatest amusement parks in the country, whether you're into rollercoasters, waterslides, or mini-golf, we've got something for you.

      Make an unforgettable surprise with skydiving voucher gift

      Life is too short so do not jump with a parachute! You will most likely want to repeat, but it’s an experience everyone should do at least one tame on its life! Tandem jump is the easiest way to get to know the feeling of a free falling. Touching the clouds is a dream for great number of people and if you are still not ready to do it, just make an unforgettable gift. Get the best skydiving deal today! This is a certainly one of the most exciting adrenaline experiences and it’s totally worth it.